“Not for Climbing” Unisex Pant

“Not for Climbing” Unisex Pant

Introducing my hand-drawn one of a kind pants, an experiment in wearable artistry. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, these field pants showcase original illustrations and artwork that are sure to leave a lasting impression (much like the ancient petroglyphs featured).

Each pair is individually hand-drawn by me (Fisher), making every creation one of a kind. Delicate strokes of vibrant black sketches dance across the fabric, breathing life into captivating designs that inspire creativity and ignite conversations wherever you go.

Enhance your everyday outfits, make a bold (and illustrative) fashion statement at events, or indulge yourself in wearable art that celebrates your individuality. The Daily hand-drawn one of a kind pants, effortlessly merge fashion, art, and self-expression, becoming a living testament to the beauty that lies within artistic originality.

Size Medium (US 32-32)


Although it is recommended you do not wash these pants, and let them wear ruggedly, if you must, hand wash inside-out in cold water with gentle soap and hang to dry.