The Sweetgrass Chronicles


A Walk Across America!

In July 2022, a young man from a small-town in Canada walked from Vancouver British Columbia to San Fransisco. His name was Fisher Monahan, and he kept a journal. He had gotten rid of nearly all of his belongings, bought a backpack, and hit the road. Four months later, after arriving in San Francisco, he would compile his journal full of drawings and notes into a book. Immediately after graduating from high school in June of 2022, Fisher flew out to Abbotsford BC and began his walk at Washington’s northern border. Inspired by the likes of Chris McCandless and Everett Ruess, Fisher was on a mission to roam free and rejoice in the raw, unfiltered experiences that nature (and sometimes interesting people) presented. Walking long distances in remote lands, carrying only the essentials, these pages are filled with everything from innocent musings to field notes and illustrations of things Fisher has encountered in his travels.